Thank you for partnering with us to make someone’s day brighter! A large portion of every sale will go directly to surprise someone with love.

The Why

The biggest question I find myself getting asked lately is, "Why did you start a candle company??". Well, the answer is simple... I needed to spend more time with my son, Wyatt. 

I spent a large part of my life as a tour manager for artists. Living in tour buses, planes, and hotel rooms. It was fun. It was a rush. It was... way too much time away from home. Being the best dad I can be is one thing that I wasn't willing to sacrifice. One day, while having a talk with my son, I explained that the music industry was one of the things I was good at and that I had to travel to do it. He said "Well, you know how to make candles, right? So make candles and sell them!" It was like a lightbulb went off in my mind!! Not only was my child speaking his honest desire, but I knew that it really would work. I love candles. I love the complexity of scents and atmospheres that they help create. The problem? All of the candle scents that I love cost around $40-$60 a piece! When I discovered how to make a candle, not only did I realize I could make the same quality candle at a much lower price, but that with the companies profits, we could help a lot of people. 

Generosity is the core value of WYATT CO.  We see so many needs all around us. Whether its helping a single parent with groceries, providing diapers for a new born, filling up a gas tank for someone working 3 jobs to provide... we want to help. We believe that the best things happen when people are your driving force. Not the bottom line. 

 Thank you all for your continued support of the brand. Thank you for helping us put people first. Thank you for helping to create a community around something as simple as a candle. Here's to the future together!